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SEDS-UPRM was founded by space enthusiast students back in October 2016 with the objective of opening doors to students to be part of a community involved in space exploration. This SEDS chapter is the only one in Puerto Rico. 

          SEDS-UPRM seeks to empower young people to participate and make an impact on Space Exploration. The union of different students with diverse backgrounds from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez and our sisters campuses, under the common interest for Space development and exploration is what drives SEDS UPRM. Through this student organization, the objective is to educate the people of Puerto Rico about the benefits of Space, promote worthy leadership in our members, and inspire others through involvement in space-related pursuits.

 The vision is to prepare young minds for the space industry in Puerto Rico by providing them the necessary tools to aid in their academic, professional, and social development as individuals in order to pioneer the Space Industry in Puerto Rico.



Here at SEDS-UPRM we are a multidisciplinary student organization open for anyone interested in our chapter. If you wish to be part of our community join us!


We develop different events for the public and our members to promote space exploration and their growth. Some of these events are Workshops, Talks with Professionals in the industry, Outreach initiatives and much more!


We provide different opportunities to our members so they can develop technical skills and learn about the industry. We have different projects of various topics applied to space science and engineering. To learn more about our project click below.

How did SEDS start?

SEDS was founded as a chapter-based organization in 1980 at MIT by Peter Diamandis, at Princeton University by Scott Scharfman, and at Yale University by Richard Sorkin. SEDS-USA was founded as a national group in 1982 by Peter Diamandis, Bob Richards, and Todd Hawley. The largest student-run space organization in the world, it consists of an international community of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from a diverse range of educational backgrounds in chapters all over the world, including Canada, India, Israel, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

Here at SEDS UPRM we are pioneers of space represented by many minorities in our island. It is our job to make a path for those who aspire to be a space explorer. We are a very diverse chapter with people from science, various fields of engineering, administration and many other degrees. Everyone can be part of SEDS UPRM and here we are making space for everyone no matter their background or knowledge.  In 2020 we won 'Chapter with Most Diversity'
What exactly is SEDS?

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is a non-profit organization that looks to inspire young people to participate and revolutionize the space industry. SEDS helps students develop their technical and leadership skills by providing opportunities to manage and participate in national projects as well as to attend conferences, publish their work, and develop their professional network, in order to help students become more effective in their present and future careers in industry, academia, government, and education.


Physics Department Mayaguez Campus PO BOX 9000 Mayaguez, PR 00681-9000


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